Psychedelic Beatles Cake

All you need is love…and cake, of course! Seriously, this is the coolest cake we’ve ever created!custom beatles cake all you need is love

Our dear friend Christina works at the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia and was organizing the Classic Center Theatre Volunteer Appreciation party when the dessert plans fell through. She asked if we could make a custom cake to go along with their Beatles/60’s theme. Paige and I LOVE The Beatles so we jumped at this opportunity to make something really outrageous and creative.thecrew

A lot of visual inspiration came from The Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine” film, and we wanted to incorporate different song imagery on each tier. Fondant was the best option for decorating to capture that graphically-styled, hallucination cartoon look.custom beatles cake

The bottom tier references “Here Comes the Sun” and “All You Need is Love” with a big spiral sun radiating sun rays and the word “LOVE.”  I made little strawberries among groovy flowers for “Strawberry Fields Forever” around the base.custom beatles cake all you need is love

George and John pop out on the left side.custom beatles cake john george

Paul and Ringo on the right.custom beatles cake paul ringo

The middle tier is all about “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” Lucy is featured front and center inside a guy’s head, just like on the cartoon.lucy in the sky with diamonds

Paige created trippy little trees out of colored swirls with yellow stars to complete the scene.custom beatles cake lucy in the sky with diamonds

The yellow submarine sits on top of the cake in a switch up from normal terrestrial placement. I like how Paige combined stars and bubbles to really recreate that feel psychedelic landscape of The Beatles cartoon where anything is possible. Are we underwater or high in the sky? Both!custom beatles cake yellow submarine

The cake is decorated 360 so it can be admired from every angle! (should’ve used the flash for this pic! doh!)backofcakeThe inside of the cake is just as colorful as the outside! I divided the French vanilla batter into several bowls and dyed each a different color. I layered the batters to create a sort of tie dye effect once cut, so even the slices of cake were far out! Thanks for the pic Christina!beatlescakeinsidePêche Petite loves making custom cakes! True, Paige and I are businesswomen, but before that we were and still are artists. We enjoy challenges that allow us to express our creativity and create something new. I can’t wait to see what the next exciting cake will be!  xoxo Erin B pastry chefcustom bealtes cake