Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Cake!

Humans have been fascinated with machines since we started creating them, particularly those related to transportation as distance and speed are easy to calculate and track, allowing for goals to be set and records to be broken. This collection of cakes features all the clever ways humans have devised to get around.

Let’s start big with a very active birthday cake! By land, sea and air – we’ve got it covered!


Paige made the cutest hot air balloon topper for this dreamy first birthday cake!


Choo-choo! The puffy steamclouds from the train float up around the tiers to surround the number 2 topper!


This choo-choo train cake is too cute with an ombré background!


Pêche Petite has been quite a few car cakes! Here are our favorites!



Although not technically a machine, a pumpkin carriage is a form of transportation in some kingdoms!