Lovely Periwinkle Wedding Cake

Such a pretty wedding cake. So delightful and charming.periwinkle sugar flowers wedding cake custom atlanta

I like the playful piping design Paige created around the sides of the tiers. It reminds me of little vines with sprouting offshoots. The dainty dots add another element of intrigue and echo the petite bead border.periwinkle sugar flowers wedding cake custom piping atlanta

The brides wanted the cake to tie in with their color of periwinkle, so Paige made the sugar flowers that same shade. You can see they matched perfectly with the runner on the cake table.periwinkle sugar flowers wedding cake custom atlanta

The wedding took place at Le Meridien Hotel, on the North side of Atlanta, right on top of the meridien wedding cake atlanta

I snooped around while Paige was stacking the tiers and found this cool meeting room with these Mad Men lamps! mad men lamps le meridienBack to business! Nicole and Latasha’s wedding took place in the Grand Salon. The chairs are a shimmery silver and compliment the periwinkle nicely. grand salon le meridien wedding cake The bouquets for the brides were beautiful! I like the contrast of the pale blue hydrangeas next to the deep blue hue of the false indigo. For a subtle shimmer, the roses had a light dusting of glitter around their bouquet hydrangea false indigo

Each cake tier was a different flavor, starting with pink strawberry on the bottom. The couple really likes white chocolate so they decided on white chocolate raspberry for the middle tier, and the top is a French vanilla cake with white chocolate pastry cream between the layers. Heavenly!!periwinkle sugar flowers wedding cake custom atlanta

As I was moving stuff on the cake table out of my shot, I noticed the engravings on the serving utensils – “Serving Up Love” and “Slice of Comfort.” Aww, how cute! wedding cake utensils

Right before we left, one of the servers laid out two forks on one napkin. It was a sweet reminder of the symbol of unity cutting the cake represents.

periwinkle wedding cake gourmet sugar flowers atlantasave room for cake! xoxo Erin B. pastry chef