Fresh Flower Cascade Wedding Cake

Wedding cake trends come and go (remember little fountains and bridges among the layers!!), but a lot of brides these days are opting for cleaner, simpler designs to create a more timeless cake. One that will age gracefully and still look classy in the years to come. No one will need to say “But c’mon! It was 2014. All the cakes looked liked that!” when flipping through the album of this floral cascade wedding cake.purple flower cascade wedding cake atlanta

This red velvet square wedding cake is iced smooth and brings in color with purple ribbon at the bottom of each tier. A fresh flower cascade lead by fuchsia roses, creates a nice flowing diagonal for the eye to follow. It is simple but dynamic enough to be interesting.purple flower cascade wedding cake atlantapurple flower cascade wedding cake atlanta

One wedding cake element that is definitely losing ground and I can’t say I’m upset about it, is cake topper figurines. I mean, all the guests know they are at a wedding. They don’t need to see a couple on top of the cake to remind them. I personally think a bouquet of flowers is more appealing if you really want something on top of the cake.purple flower cascade wedding cake atlanta

Of course, as Paige set up the cake, I wandered off to scope out the venue: Villa Christina, located North of downtown Atlanta at the perimeter. It’s a beautiful facility, with lots of gardens and courtyards throughout the property, and with the Hyatt Atlanta Perimeter hotel as its newest addition. This is the view of the backside of the building.villa christina atlanta wedding venue

The ceremony site is a stone pavilion set among tall evergreens with guest chairs on the grass. The towering trees give the space a feeling of intimacy and seclusion. Huge umbrellas offer shade from the warm Spring ceremony villa christina

A sweet garland of wisteria adds a personal touch and brings in the color of the day.  wedding ceremony villa christinaLooks like someone is preparing for a few tears! Probably the talented Nikki of Three Events Planning & Design, the wedding’s designer. She thinks of everything!tissue box wedding ceremony villa christina

The reception is in a large ballroom on the second floor. This is one of the first photos I took so the staff was still working on decor.villa christina ballroomThe wedding cake looks lovely bathed in the soft purple glow of tinted lights. (Those are the serving utensils in front of the cake.)purple cascade flower wedding cake atlanta Right before we left, I peeked out one of the ballroom windows and saw the beginning of the wedding – the beginning of a new life as one. I wish them all the best!!                   xoxo Erin B, pastry chefwedding cake villa christina