Elegant Peony Wedding Cake

The trend of simplistic wedding cake designs continues and I love it! This cake is so perfect as is, any changes would be detrimental.elegant peony custom wedding cake atlanta

Pêche Petite made this wedding cake for a very special couple, Windy and Rob. They love cake just as much as we do! After the initial consultation, Windy emailed us a detailed analysis of the tasting, commenting on moisture, texture, frosting, and flavor nuances of the samples. It was great to have so much feedback, and such a positive review from a fellow cake enthusiast! Windy & Rob are also near and dear to us, because they were the first couple to have a tasting with us at Studio1658, and they brought a whole crew of family members to our anniversary party for extended cake tasting. We love people who love cake!aerial custom peony wedding cake atlanta

The wedding was held at a relative’s home, and they took advantage of the natural beauty from the backyard trees to create a lovely ceremony site.wedding ceremony atlanta

I love the floral arrangements Windy’s mom made! They are just bursting with beautiful flowers like hydrangeas, roses, and snapdragons. The sprigs of rosemary in the greenery were a nice touch and added a pleasing aroma.floral bouquet wedding

This type of natural, uncomplicated decor required a cake with a similar aesthetic. Paige made a simple texture design on the tiers and let the gorgeous soft pink peonies take centerstage. I’ve seen textured cakes that have almost too much texture and resemble stucco, resulting in a rustic, shabby chic feel. Here, Paige employed wide strokes of frosting to create a more refined, elegant look. Having large smooth areas of frosting lends a lightness to the cake and it doesn’t look overworked. It looks classy and timeless.custom elegant peony wedding cake atlanta

Groom’s cakes should be fun and Rob’s golf ball cake definitely is! Paige did a great job mimicking the surface texture of the ball, and the Titleist logo completed the look.titleist golf ball grooms cake atlanta

Cheers Windy & Rob!!

save room for cake! xoxo Erin B. pastry chef