Custom Baby Shower Cakes

Baby shower cakes are Pêche Petite’s favorite type of cake to make! Not only are they absolutely adorable, the rising trend of creative shower themes gives us more room to play when designing custom cakes. Clients describe their vision, whether traditional or unconventional, and we develop a personally crafted look to reflect the atmosphere and style of the party. Here’s a collection of recent baby shower cakes that illustrate the endless possibilities in design.pinkbowbabyBest

We begin with a more traditional, refined approach to a baby shower cake. Mom-to-be Nichelle wanted a very elegant and feminine look for her cake, so we decided to keep it simple but include a few statement pieces. The main feature is the gorgeous fondant bow Paige created and wrapped around the top tier. The ribbon tails flow effortlessly like real satin fabric down the side of the cake.

pinkbowbabySideCUI love the cushion texture effect on the bottom tier; set off by a pearl border, it creates a feeling of luxury. Nichelle showed us pictures of her shower planning progress including baby booties as party favors. They were so cute we copied them for the cake topper to complete the look. With its limited palette and minimal but commanding elements, this cake truly exudes style and class.pinkbowbabyFrontside

On the other end of the spectrum is our next baby shower cake with a Monsters Inc. theme! It’s colorful, playful, loud, and still super cute! Paige chose the less traditional square shape and the angled placement of the top tier to capture the unconventional spirit of the shower. Multicolored polka dots mixed in with eyeballs add a fun background.monstercakefull

On the top tier sleeps a lil’ monster with his diaper bottom and back paws poking out from under a green blanket.
monsterbuttCUThe design is a cheeky play on the popular sleeping baby under a blanket. We made one for a little girl earlier this year. babyryleigh1538149b60e108.jpgI love the little monster banner! It’s too cute!monsterbannerCUOur next cake was designed to match the colors and pattern of the baby shower – pink zebra! Sweet baby Naomi dreams underneath a zebra stripe blanket on a pink quilted background, surrounded by matching baby items.  naomiFront.jpgA little teddy bear and ducky decorate the side.naomibearduckCUAwwwww….


Our last baby shower cake is just adorable! For inspiration the shower host showed us the invitations, and Paige used that as a starting point to create a scene of jungle animals among tropic floral.jungleshowercakeWM.jpg

Paige custom created this precious giraffe topper holding a balloon!! So sweet!


So as you can see, the possibilities are truly endless for baby shower cakes! To see more baby shower cakes, check out my other blog posts Spring Baby Shower Cakes and Forecast: Babies!

xoxo, Pastry Chef Erin B.