Bubble Guppies Birthday Cake

bubble guppies birthday cake atlantaThis is seriously the cutest cake we’ve made in a while. Sweet lil’ Erin (LOVE the name!) turned one and even more special, she’s the first child and grandchild of the family so this was a major milestone for everyone. The birthday party was underwater themed, drawing from Bubble Guppies – a kids show about mermaids.

bubble guppies birthday cake atlantaPaige and I like to know the backstory of the cakes we make. For instance, when we make cupcakes for the High Tea at the High Museum of Art, we watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey (Paige ended up hooked and still watches it). So in the spirit of research and development, we watched two episodes of Bubble Guppies. It’s a cute show – fun and upbeat, and the music is catchy. I actually really dig the song they sing to go outside. It’s got a hip hop vibe to it and it’d be great to remix. Haha.

bubble guppies birthday cake atlantaSo this is the main character Molly with the pink hair. She’s strong and a bit sassy. She can fly a plane, which is funny because she’s a mermaid and lives underwater. She flies this plane underwater, but she swims to get into it. Ha! Her friend Umi has the starfish in her hair, and the dogfish is everyone’s pet.

bubble guppies birthday cake atlantaMr. Grouper, the big orange fish, is their teacher, and Goby is the merman. All the characters are just too cute, and Paige did a fantastic job capturing their look. We received a wonderful message from Erin’s mother the next day, saying what a hit our cake was at the party and it was the best red velvet cake she’s ever had! Now that is what’s really satisfying about our business. We love to hear how our cakes helped make your celebration memorable and fun, and of course, delicious.

mr grouper bubble guppies birthday cake atlantasave room for cake! xoxo Erin B, pastry chef