Baby Boy Shower Cakes

Not all baby shower cakes are ruffly and girly! Today we break the stereotype and turn our attention to some masculine cakes for baby boys. This first cake is for a sharp dressed little man. Cute as shirt buttons with little suspenders running up the sides and a petite bowtie on top!suspenders2

Perhaps you fancy a baby shower cake with a regal flare. A checker pillow accented with gold and a fleur-de-lis crown with matching accessories should do the trick.checkeredpillowWM

Snowflakes cover this winter themed baby shower cake and two different bows add to the festivity. A fresh pair of baby kicks sits between the tiers, a modern take on the traditional plain booties.WinterBoy2

Some cake designs are relatively gender neutral and only the color denotes the difference. Pêche Petite actually made the pink version of this cake first and then made a blue one for a baby boy. The booties and ribbon are timeless and the cushioned background gives an air of luxury.babyblue2

Surprise! It’s a baby boy present!babypresentWM

Sweet baby bottom cake with a petite bow and polka dots.BluebuttbowWM

Cute and classy is this baby boy shower cake with a tuxedo design!BabyTuxWeb

This is one of Pêche Petite’s most popular baby shower cake designs. Not only have we made a blue version and pink version, but also a purple and pink, blue and brown, and blue and gold! Here are the three variations for a baby boy.